Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Taking a Vacation

"A Way in the Wilderness"

For almost three years now I have published an almost-daily article on this blog, often offering advice about the importance of regular and intentional “Sabbath time” on a spiritual journey - resting and pausing is equally important to actively exploring a way of wisdom on any spiritual path. So, over the next few weeks I am go take a “page out of my own book,” and listen to my own advice.

Beginning tomorrow, my wife and I will be traveling out into a very different kind of wilderness from that of the desert where we live as we make our way up into Alaska on a cruise and land tour. We have never before been there so it should be quite an adventure.

I want to let all my “faithful” blog readers know that I will not be writing a daily article during my Alaska adventure. When possible I may try to write an occasional post but I am not exactly sure what the internet connection will be where we are traveling, and beside that, I want this to be a time for resting and pausing on my own journey.

I have asked my friend Justin, who is also my social media advisor, to occasionally publish some of my past articles from previous years. Since summertime is a season for reruns, I thought this would be appropriate.  I hope you will all look for what Justin chooses to publish over the next few weeks.

I am very grateful for all my faithful readers over these past years and months and I look forward to continuing the journey with you when I return in early August as we make our way together through the beautiful wilderness of life.

I am reminded of something Wendell Berry once said:

Sabbath observance invites us to stop.
It invites us to rest.
It invites us to delight in beauty and abundance.
Sabbath observance asks us to notice that while we rest,
the world continues without our help.

It’s off to Alaska!


  1. Enjoy! I often wonder how you do it - to write daily - and how you can pour so much into each one that is startingly relevant to me (and therefore many other readers). As a writer you are an inspiration and I shall miss your wise words each morning. It will also be so interesting for you to feel what it is like NOT to write and publish... That will no doubt be a form of wisdom too. Much love xxxx

  2. Have a wonderful time. Return refreshed.

  3. Travel is such a great way to see the world in a new way. I continue to enjoy your thoughts. Thank you. Enjoy your time in the north.