Friday, May 15, 2015

New Every Morning

"Like the First Morning"
- At the Desert Retreat House -

This morning as I got out of bed, a passage of scripture flashed into my mind:

God’s loyal love is new every morning,
Great is God’s faithfulness.

I truly believe that every day is literally the beginning of a whole new venture in life for each and every one of us because every day when we wake up the world is different  than it was the day before. Every day we wake up and each of us is a new person having been formed and fashioned and refined by all that had gone on the day before. And so each new day is filled with new possibilities and new challenges. It is indeed new every morning

This morning, however, the world seemed especially new to me, different, changed, filled with new hope and new life – yesterday in the middle of the night our first grandson was born and now life is different for all of us, for his new parents,  for my wife and I, for our entire family, our friends and acquaintances,  and is in some sense, for the whole world -  life is different today because a baby was born last night. The world is no longer the same place as it was yesterday because now a new player has entered onto the stage of our existence and so everything has changed.

Each new life that enters this world will inevitably be changed and formed and fashioned by these new “players” who have come upon the stage of life- it brings us new hope that these new lives will make the old world a better place than it was before they were born into it.

When I woke up this morning and thought about the birth of our grandson during those deep dark night hours, I also had a new appreciation for the birth stories that we see in the poetic stories of many religious traditions: in the middle of the night, the stars dance, the heavens glow and angels sing with joy as a baby is born and a new point of light is released into the darkened world.

Last night as we all slept, babies were born all over this planet, the stars danced, angels sang and the heavens were all aglow – ahh, the new possibilities of it all.

Teacher and author Fredrerick Buechner wrote:

The grace of God means something like:
Here is your life.
You might never have been,

but you are because the party wouldn’t have been complete without you.

So many people woke up this morning to just another ordinary day like today - another boring day doing the same old boring stuff. Think again.

Last night as all of us slept, babies all over the world were born, our grandchild, Baby Myles was born - and this morning the world is all new and different because they have joined us at the great feast and we joyfully welcome them to the table of life.  

Happy Birthday, Baby Myles.