Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Dance Goes On

"Desert Skies"
-dancing over the mountains-

In the beginning of this new year, I have been reflecting on the epic "creation" poem found in the Hebrew Scripture in the beginning of the Book of Genesis. 

It seems to me that we do great injustice to that beautiful story by viewing it as some sort of scientific or historical account about how creation happened - God, an old man in the sky waiving a magic wand and "presto," in only 6 days it's all done, rocks and hills, air and oceans, trees, and forests, wild beasts and winged creatures, human beings - quite an accomplishment.   

But, the story of creation is not history nor is it science - it is poetry designed to engage our spirits in imagining how everything came into being. 

The story of "in the beginning" never depicts "God" as some distant magical man in the sky; rather, it paints a picture of God as a "spirit," a mystical presence hovering over a deep and empty void, and  calling "order" and "life" out of the chaos and the emptiness. 

Through my imagination, I see "in the beginning" the wild, untamed energy of love dancing over the emptiness. The energy of God is sparking and flaming, and light springs up from the darkness. The energy of God is swishing and swirling around and around; and in the midst of the dance, air and water emerge, trees and plants, animals and human beings - all joyously swirling around together in this primordial dance of wild, untamed love -  all in perfect harmony with one another.

It fills me with a sense of wonder- the majesty and tenderness of it all.

In the beginning of this new year, as I reflect upon that "in the beginning" story of creation, I am also struck by the thought that creation didn't stop with the beginning- to this very day the dance of creation continues on. 

Tiny quarks and single atoms all dance together with stars and galaxies. Everything that is always becoming something new - everything and everyone in a dance of blazing love as the energy of God continues to call new life out of the empty void, bringing order to the chaos.

In the beginning of this new year as I reflect on that "in the beginning" story, I also realize that I am not only being pulled up into the dance, I am also called to help lead the dance. 

That beautiful creation poem is not just a story about what "God" did or what "God" is doing. It is also an invitation to all of us to be co-creators along with the "Spirit of God that hovers over the empty void."  

In my meditation at the beginning of this New Year, I imagine the chaos and the empty void of the everyday world of everyday life - so much darkness and sadness, so much selfishness and division,  death and despair. In my meditation I imagine myself going out into my everyday life, hovering over the empty void and calling life out of the emptiness. 

We, human beings, are co-creators.  The spark of God is in each of us. We are all ablaze with the fiery energy of love - the all abiding Holy Presence. We all have the power to bring order to chaos and to call forth life out of emptiness. 

When the artist creates beauty out of nothingness, the dance goes on.  When the stranger is welcomed, the dance goes on. When enemies are reconciled, the dance goes on.  When compassion is heaped upon the loveless, when we bring hope out of those who despair, and delight out of the joyless, the dance goes on - creation continues. 

The spirit of God sparks in every human being. Through the lives of each and every one of us, the spirit of God continues to hover over the deep emptiness calling life out of it all. 

It's  2014 - "In the beginning." Shall we dance?


  1. Megan Malone-FranklinJanuary 2, 2014 at 9:37 AM

    What a wonderful perspective as we begin a new year!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Megan