Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Spirituality of Blogging

The Desert Floor
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When I first started writing this blog, I had absolutely no idea how much I would come to enjoy doing this every day. More than that, I couldn't begin to imagine how important writing a blog would be for my own spiritual journey.

Back forty years ago, people would gather around the TV every evening and watch the network news. In those days Walter Cronkite and his CBS report were extremely popular - the primary source for news for most Americans. Mr. Cronkite was known as "the most trusted man in America," perceived as reporting the events of the day accurately and without any bias. In fact, Cronkite would end his news report each day with the phrase "and that's the way it is." Most people would turn off their TV with the satisfaction that they had indeed been presented with a picture of the world as it really is.

But of course, Walter Cronkite was hardly presenting an unbiased picture of the world. The news reports of the day's events were always colored by layer after layer of filters- the demands of the corporate sponsors and government agencies, the bias of the network, the bias of the individual reporters, to name but a few. 

Nowadays, if you want to understand the bias of the mass media, all you need to do is watch FOX News and then see the exact same event reported on MSNBC, or read about an event in the New York Times and then read about the same event in the Wall Street Journal, and you can hardly imagine that they are talking about the same thing.

In the past century the world was formed and fashioned by the mass media - an extremely "top down" form of communication. Messages were developed and tailored by presidents and dictators, politicians and governments, news agencies and religious institutions; and these messages were passed down to "the masses."  Depending upon how credible or powerful the source of the message was, the masses who received the communication accepted it as a true picture: "that's the way it is."

But it's all radically changing in this 21st century. As I see it we are in the midst of the greatest evolution of consciousness the human race has ever seen. We have now entered into the stunning new era of the social media.

Every day I get up in the morning and I write a blog post along with thousands, maybe millions of other blog writers. I press a button and I instantly put something of me and my view of the world out there into the stream of social consciousness.

As I write this blog, billions of people are sending out tweets or participating in online discussions on Google+ or on Tumblr, or on the many other newly evolving forms of social media.

Unless prohibited by a totalitarian government, there are no restrictions as to who can contribute to this ongoing world-wide conversation. Right at this moment the social media is humming with words, images and ideas from popes and presidents, celebrities and office workers, teenagers and college professors, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, witches, pagans, atheists, Tea Party Republicans and hardcore leftist socialists.

The mix of people is mind-bogglng, and anyone who has a computer and access to the internet can weigh in as an equal partner in the conversation with their images, ideas, and opinions  -tweets and retweets, "likes" on a Facebook page.

Sometimes the conversation gets ugly-revealing and perhaps contributing to a cruder side of the human condition. Sometimes the conversation is also very uplifting, informative, tender, heartfelt and challenging as we, human beings, engage one another in a wide-open, basically unfiltered space. 

As I see it we are evolving into a new form of human consciousness - an interconnected, global system, unprecedented in human history.  

I have now come to realize why I so enjoy writing this daily blog.  For me, blog writing has become a daily spiritual discipline. The spiritual journey is a journey of dynamic interconnection and interdependence. When I write and publish a blog, I feel as if I am being drawn out of my own "ego-self." When I press the "publish" button and send out this blog, I am in fact being pulled out into the worldwide stream of interconnected consciousness. 

My blog-writing is far more than "talking about" the spiritual life.  It is a participation in the spiritual life.

I feel so blessed to live in such exciting times.

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