Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Other Way Around

Sunday Dawning

As I sat in my garden in the Sunday morning dawn, I thought about all the "soul-searching" that has been and will be going on this weekend. Friday, mosques were filled with soul-searchers. Yesterday the synagogues and temples were filled with the faithful celebrating Yom Kippur. Today soul-searching Christians flock to churches. And on top of that, there are the millions and millions of soul-searchers who are on a spiritual journey but are not part of any religion - sitting on a yoga mat, or on a mountain top, or in a garden at sunrise mindfully meditating. 

As I see it, in one way or another all "soul-searchers" set out on a spiritual journey in order to connect with "God;" God as Allah, God as Yahweh, God as revealed in Jesus, God as Cosmic Energy, God as universal Abiding Presence - all the many and varied types of soul-searchng journeys going on this weekend are essentially quests for a connection to "God."

In my sunrise meditation this morning, I thought to myself, maybe we've gotten it all wrong. Maybe  this soul-searching business is the other way around. Maybe soul-searchng isn't so much about our quest for God, but is really "God" searching to be connected with us.

In my reflection today I recalled some biblical pictures of God that Jesus once painted. He told his disciples that God is like a woman who lost a coin and then frantically searches for the coin and cannot be contented until she finds it. 

Jesus also paints a picture of God as a shepherd who has one hundred sheep, but when one of the sheep gets lost, the shepherd  immediately leaves behind the other ninety-nine and passionately looks for the lost one - the search goes on until the lost sheep is found. 

And then there is that familiar picture of God as a father whose disobedient, prodigal son has betrayed,  left home and abandoned him; but the father never gives up on his boy. Every morning at dawn the father goes to the front gate of his house and he looks for his lost son, and when the prodigal child slinks back home because the money has run out, the father wildly and passionately runs out to his once lost child and embraces him without condition and without reservation.

These are the soul-searching images that come to mind as I sit in my garden in the dawn's early light on his Sunday morning. 

This weekend - at this very moment-  I along with billions of my fellow human beings in this world are soul-searching- on some sort of "spiritual journey." This morning I have decided that, while I may think that I am on a quest to seek out God, in essence it's the other way around. My search for God, is actually God's search for me.

 Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, the Cosmic Force, the abiding Holy Presence is not indifferent to the human soul. God is constantly seeking to embrace and envelop us -no one, no thing ever thrown away or  abandoned. 

"God" wants us more than we want "God."

Praying in a mosque or in temple, synagogue or church, meditating while sitting on a mat or on a mountaintop, we may think that we are seeking union with God, but it's the other way around. God is the one doing the seeking out -  in our soul-searching, we make ourselves available.

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