Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Supermoon 2013"

a supermoon appears in the desert skies 
(photo credit: Douglas Cobb)

Yesterday was the first day of summer, a celebration of the solstice.  

This year, the beginning of summer will be marked by an awesome and mystical cosmic event. Late tonight a "supermoon" will appear in the skies.

Tonight the moon will be closer to the earth than usual- in fact, at the closest point for all of 2013.  So, tonight the moon will appear much larger and far brighter than usual; and if you get to see it as it comes over the horizon, it will even glow a bright orange color.  It will indeed be a supermoon. 

Scientists say that the deserts of the Southwest will be the very best place to take in the full splendor of tonight's event. So I guess I am living in the right place, at the right time; and I can't wait to see it out here in my desert retreat house. 

Like many people, I find cosmic events like the appearance of a supermoon to be mystical and spiritual; but if you live in the desert, every night is a cosmic event- mystical and spiritual. I love to walk at night  on the trail just outside my home - the moon and the stars so bright that it seems as if it is daylight. 

I always feel a sense of connection in those moonlight rays. I think about the moon pulling at the ocean tides (even greater tonight with the appearance of a supermoon). I think about the vast array of galaxies, all buzzing and swirling around together in one great cosmic dance.  I think about the fact that we, human beings, are made out of stardust; and so I look at my feet as I walk,  and I see swirling particles of cosmic planets flowing in me and in all human beings everywhere.

I walk along the desert trail at night and the veil between me and the abiding Holy Presence is so very, very thin.

The desert at night is always a mystical and spiritual place, even more so when there is a supermoon.

The Buddha said:

I saw stars within me, sun rising, sunset, full-moon nights - everything within me, not without me. It was my boundary that had been keeping them out. Now the boundary is no more; everything has fallen in. Now I am the whole.

So all day long today I will think about the "whole."  I am "the whole."  I am a harmonious relationship with everyone and everything. Today I will reflect on the reality that that there is no "other." 

I anticipate the night, waiting to be drawn into the mystical magnetism of a supermoon. 


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