Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Father's Reflection

a holy moment

Last October my eldest son, Jason, married his beautiful new bride Katie. I had the privilege of presiding at their wedding ceremony. It was a moment I will never forget.

There was one moment in particular that is seared into my memory. Jay and Katie were holding hands and taking their vows - pledging their unending love for one another.   My younger son Joel stood behind his brother as his best man. At that moment I was struck with the fact that I was their "Dad." I wasn't just "related" to them; I was them and they were me. At that one brief holy moment, my own ego fell away and I sensed my true self. 

In that holy moment, I experienced the Divine Presence so powerfully, so tenderly, so intimately that I wanted to stay there forever on that mountaintop. 

There is a Hindu wisdom saying:

If you hold up a cloth before me,
you will not see me any more,
though I shall be as near you as before.
So, alas, God is nearer to you than anything else,
yet because of the screen of your ego,
you cannot see him.

Yes, that was exactly what happened at that holy moment on that wedding day a few months ago. I looked out at now my "three" children, and the veil was lifted. I saw the face of God and felt the Holy Presence flowing through us, binding us all together us all together.  

Fathers' Day is often an occasion to gather together with the people we love. On this day, many families will gather together for barbecues and brunches and picnics in the park with friends and loved-ones.  

Today also offers us all an opportunity that should not be squandered. 

I wonder if perhaps today another  holy moment is waiting to happen for me. If I only let down the screen of ego, I will find my true "self" flowing in and through the lives of the people I love. 

Today we are all afforded a holy opportunity for the veil to be lifted that we might see the face of God.

Happy Fathers' Day!

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