Thursday, May 2, 2013

I believe in God

the desert mountains hidden in the fog

Since I am writing daily reflections in a "blog," I thought I would do some web surfing and read what others are writing about in their "blogs," or in their "tweets."  

In my surfing exploration, I  have been somewhat amazed at how many people claim they are "atheists" in their various postings.  What really surprises me in these "atheist" postings is the way in which these so-called atheists define and understand the God they don't believe in.  

Over and over again I read about how ludicrous it is to believe in the existence of a superman in the sky looking down on and controlling the earth below.  When I read these postings or these "tweets," my immediate response is, "I  agree with you. I also don't believe in the superman God up in heaven." 

But I do believe in God- very much, in fact. Ultimately, belief in God is grounded in how you understand who "God" is. 

When I look at the core truth held by all the major world religions, I find that they all share a common insight into the nature of God.  "God" (called many names by many different traditions) is ultimately understood as the "Holy Presence" flowing in everything and everyone - connecting everything and everyone. 

When I  walk out in the expansive desert or sit under the stars at night and experience a connection with it all, I believe in God. When my focus goes beyond my own self-centered needs, I experience a "power beyond me" in compassionate and intimate relationship with others.  I find God in the connections; I believe in God through the relationships.

I came across this  Hindu "wisdom teaching." It pretty much says it all for me:

If you hold up a cloth before me,
you will not see me any more,
though I shall be as near you as before.
So, alas, God is nearer to you than anything else,
yet because of the screen of egoism
you cannot see God.

God is the energy, the power, the Holy Presence connecting all that "is." Today I will focus my life to look more outside myself.  I will more carefully direct my gaze to look beyond my own ego so that the clouds may be lifted.

I believe in God.

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