Sunday, April 7, 2013

Waking Up

the sun rises over the eastern mountains 
as seen from my meditation garden

Since I included a picture and post about sunset yesterday, today I thought I'd include a sunrise picture.

As I sat in my meditation garden on this beautiful Sunday morning and watched the sun come up over the mountains, I thought a good deal about "waking up." 

Buddhists teach that a person can get out of bed in the morning and spend the whole day (or an entire lifetime) without ever waking up. 

The heavens and the earth glow and pulsate with the Presence of the Holy One, and we are all cosmically connected to everything and everyone. And yet, many people are asleep, unaware of the Holy Presence, unable to experience the cosmic connection which defines who we are.

When we focus only on our own ego needs, our gaze is limited. When we think of our "self" as an isolated and separated individual, we are unable to see and experience the glory of what is beyond us. And so, we may arise in the morning and go about our daily business but we are still very much asleep.

Living here n the desert, bathed daily in incomparable beauty, has helped me to wipe away some of the sleep from my eyes. More and more I find myself waking up.

I found another reflective prayer - this one for the morning time, written by Macrina Wiederker, a Benedictine nun. I recite it often and hope it may help you wake up. 

O Morning Song of Love,
O you in whom we live and move and have our being!
We have been asleep too long.
Heal the unseeing part of our lives.
Lead us to our awakening places.
Awaken us to the new light.
Open the doors of our hearts,
the windows of our souls, the walls of our mind.
Awaken us to hope.
Awaken us to joy.
Awaken us to love.
Make our hearts ready to receive the brightness of your Presence. 

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