Monday, April 1, 2013

The Ordinary

The Buddha under an olive tree in my meditation garden

I usually write these posts after my morning quiet time in my meditation garden. 

Today I reflected on the fact that all the holidays are now over. Passover is over. Holy Week and Easter are over.  Today is just an ordinary day. 

I love ordinary days. I often find that my deepest sense of connection to God and to others usually emerges out of the ordinary everyday experiences of my life. 

I once came across this poignant, simple and yet rather profound saying from the Taoist tradition. The saying perfectly expresses why I love ordinary days:

"When I go alone into the mountains, only I understand this joy. I walk until the water ends and sit waiting for the hour when clouds rise. If I happen to meet an old woodcutter, I chat with him, laughing and lost to time."

May you have a wonderfully ordinary day!

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