Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to my desert retreat house

This picture was taken just at sunset as I stood outside the front door of my house located in LaQuinta California in the heart of the Sonoran Desert of the Coachella Valley,  and the picture seems to capture what I hope to be doing in these blog postings.

This is the first posting of what I hope will be an ongoing invitation to share some of my incredible experiences of living in a desert -an awesome  place for finding deeper truths- a place for soul searching.

I hope you can think of this site as a place where you can "virtually" get away from it all. Take a few moments out of a hectic schedule and busy life,  and enter into my little retreat house where you can read some of my own soul searching reflections or take advantage of some teaching I might be able to offer.

I trust your responses will help create some fruitful dialogue

The Jewish People  are about to celebrate Passover and Christians are about to celebrate Holy Week and Easter. What a perfect time to begin this soul searching journey in the desert.

Peace, shalom, namaste!


  1. Congrats on your new blog. Your words resonate in my inner quiet place.

  2. Thank you for this site. I know that I will return time and again for respite from my busy life.

  3. Fabulous photo...ahh the desert memories. Enjoy! Sara Jane