Monday, March 25, 2013

Passover and Rules for the Road

the desert floor- steps away from my retreat house

Tonight the Jewish People begin the celebration of Passover - the time when the Hebrew People were set free from Egyptian slavery and sent on a journey to the "Promised Land."

As I took my daily walk along the desert floor today, I realized that Passover is very much a "desert" celebration. 

After the Hebrews were freed from slavery, they found themselves in the midst of a vast wilderness much like the one just outside my retreat house. They had been freed but they had no idea as to how to get to the Promised Land- no maps, no roads. They were in a wild wilderness and could not find their way.

As the story goes, God gave the people two basic rules for the wilderness journey.  God told them that, if they wanted to make their way through the unchartered desert and arrive at the Promised Land, they would first have to totally trust in God's all abiding presence to guide them. 

The second rule was just as important, if they wanted to make their way through the wilderness they would have to take good care of one another, help each other to find the way.  In particular they were told to take special care to help anyone who may be weaker or might need a little more help along the way. They were to assure that no one would be left behind. 

I love the Passover/Exodus story. After all, life is a vast wilderness, isn't it?  If we are honest, none of us is sure of what road to take or how to find our way. So the rules for the road, first given to those Hebrews in the desert, continue to provide us all with some excellent advice about traveling through life. 

Trust in God's abiding and guiding presence and never travel alone -  help one another along the way, and be sure no one is left behind.

Travel well!

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